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April 19-21, 2024 - JordanCon Atlanta, GA

Tim Lewis manages rocket programs by day, and collects hobbies by night. Stories lean toward Sci Fi , Urban Fantasy , and Noir , where each contain an element of humor from a life spent as a smart ass. Learn More...

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Published March 2024, Inked Publishing | Hidden Villains: Betrayed Anthology

Col. Benjamin Markson, ret. needed to get away from his ex-wife, and 250 miles straight up to the space station Glimmer in the ring of Newer Orleans seemed a good distance. He set up a small business, transitioning his experience in his military police role to a private investigator. Life was normal and he wanted to be forgotten until a case made him known to all the wrong people, and he moves from solving a mystery to plain survival.

This year we chose "Betrayed" as the theme for our third anthology under the Hidden Villains banner. Push them off a cliff or take a knife in the back - you won't see it coming. Escape into an amazing mix of fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, and horror for this year's anthology. Anthology includes stories by: Kevin J. Anderson, Madelyn Lopez, Michael La Roon, Karen A Phillips, Patrick Dugan, Sara Joran-Heintz, Tim Lewis, Michele Stuart, JL George, Kevin A Davis, Sarah J Sover, Rachel Nussbaum, Mike jack Stoumbos, Larua and Ruth Loomis.   Cover art by VividCovers - Rebekah.   Narrated by Christine Mascott.   Edited by Robyn Huss.

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Published April 2024, JordanCon 2024 Anthology | A Magnificent Display of Marvelous Wonders

Disinherited and destitute, Alun’s only refuge in life was his companion Gyn, and his ability to channel Seiðr; Old Norse magic. A nomad moving from town to town, he beguiled audiences to believe his ability to cast magic were just illusions, and nothing at all dangerous. But all risk in life comes with a cost, and Alun learns the price.

Marvelous, magical, and wondrous! Our theme for this fifth installment of the JordanCon anthology is a magical display of marvelous wonders. In this volume, we go to the far reaches of the galaxy, travel to fantastical lands, meet incredible characters, and see extraordinary happenings! All brought to you by some of the current & former JordanCon guests and attendees. This is a limited edition anthology and proceeds of the sales will go towards this year's JordanCon charity. Includes stories by: Ashley Chappell, A. R. Cook, Kevin A. Davis, Sargon Donabed, R. J. Estrada, Barbara V. Evers, Ris-Harp, M. R. Karsk, Nicole Givens Kurtz, Tim Lewis, Madolyn Locke, Jessica Nettles, Raine Palmer, Amber Raden, Mathew L. Reyes, James Starke, David Waring, Heather Truett, Vincent E. M. Thorne, and Kerney Williams.   Includes art by: Mason Adams, Paul Bielaczyc, Wendy Waring, Amanda Carman, Melissa Gay, Linnea Lindstrom, Amanda Makepeace, Leia Powell, Amber Raden, and Ariel Burgess.   Cover art by Mark Poole.   Edited by Paige Vest.

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Published June 2023, Inkd Publishing | Noncorporeal Anthology

Life is challenging when you’re living paycheck to paycheck trying to provide for your family. So a new side business as a fortune telling private investigator helps with the bills, and success is nearly guaranteed by the spirit of your snarky Latina grandmother summoned by a talisman engraved with a frog.

The anthology is not horror, though there may be suspense and even a dash of horror. A spooky, haunting element is certainly expected. Humor and mystery beats are abound. Anthology includes stories by: Paige Vest, Colby Woodland, Kat Farrow, Franco Dispenza, Tim Lewis, Mark Beard, Rosemary Williams, Ian Alexander Tash, Joshua Dyer, Morrigen Stoumbos, Siena Buchanan, Vincent E.M. Thorn, Brenda Carre, Kevin A. Davis, and Jeff Oliver.   Cover art by Kevin Davis.   Edited by A. Balsamo.

"[Adivino is a] charming, heartfelt and humorous story about the most unlikely ghost detective you will ever read, and it will have you begging for more stories of the escapades of the sweetest, badass little Latina Grandma in this world or the next..." -Tony Cioffi
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Cover art by Vivid Covers


Published April 2023, Inkd Publishing | Hidden Villains: Arise Anthology

In a world teetering with conflicting ideologies and power driven by occidental influence, there are constant shifts in balance. Loupers are the objects thrown on the scales to tip the tides of war. Even beasts bred for war struggle with their own internal scales of humanity and the wolf.

The anthology is the next edition to the Hidden Villains series and is a collection of bold, imaginative fantasy, horror, and sci-fi sculpted to thrill and entertain readers with the bizarre or delve into the shadows with a theme of a villain who arises in growth, or even suprises. Anthology includes stories by: Jody Lynn Nye, B.D. Prince, Rebecca E. Treasure, JL George, Rosemary Williams, Mike Jack Stoumbos, Gerri Leen, A.R.R. Ash, Michele Townsend, Mark Beard, Michele Stuart, Evan J. Peterson, Sherry Rossman, Tim Lewis, L.N. Hunter, Kevin A Davis, and j.e. pittman.   Cover art by   Edited by Robyn Huss

Cover art by Vivid Covers


Published March 2022, Inkd Publishing | Hidden Villains Anthology

Not all things are what the seem. Charlie Douglas takes on a private investigation job to locate a missing woman. The case is standard until the missing becomes found, and culprit becomes the missing person.

The anthology includes the crimes, the mysteries, the suspense, the thrill, the detectives, the heroines – all to expose the villain – or perhaps to remain hidden themselves that are engaging with deep characters and emotion. Anthology includes stories by: David Farland, Tim Lewis, Sara Jordan-Heintz, Vail Henry, Mark Beard, Sherry Rossman, A. R. R. Ash, L.S. King, Michele Stuart, Stephen Johnson, AJ Skelly, Clint Hall, Rosemary Williams, Katharine Reid, Tracy L. Snyder, Kevin A. Davis, Melva Gifford, and Mike Jack Stoumbos.   Cover art by   Edited by Robyn Huss

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Cover art by Justin Gerard


Published April 2022, JordanCon 2022 Anthology | Neither Begginings Nor Endings

Phillip is any other kid that you would meet in the Chicago suburbs. He goes to college, hangs with friends, and takes risky gambling loans, all while using his ability to flip back in time attempting to correct past mistakes.

The Anthology are stories that in some way play with the idea of loops, cycles, or patterns that could be recurring prophecy, generational power, curses, old stories returning, or reincarnation, as well as asociated full color original art with each story. Anthology includes stories by: Marie Brennan, Paige L. Christie, Gerald L. Coleman, R. A. Colón, Kevin A Davis, Joe Kielbowicz, Tim Lewis, Katharine Reid, Sarah J. Sover, and Rosemary Williams.   Art by: Michael Bielaczyc, Paul Bielaczyc, Ariel Burgess, Amanda Carman, Melissa Gay, Debbie Hughes, Kelly Keuneke, Amanda Makepeace, Amy N. Romanczuk, and Charles Urbach.   Cover art by Justin Gerard.   Edited by Richard Fife.

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Previously Published

Cover art by Dan dos Santos


Published April 2019, JordanCon 2019 Anthology: So You Want Stories
I have a few copies lying around. Contact me if you don't like the On Demand Amazon price.

Jardin Collum runs a small information systems business in a hole in the wall office. The work is dull trying to find new direction in life following marital issues. The world turns upside down when a new client requests work that stretches the grey area of morality. Wit, know-how, a little bit of luck - and a device that manipulates gravity - will be needed to finish the job, and without spending a decade in jail.

The anthology is the first publication from JordanCon created as a charity to have authors donate stories and proceeds to Mayo Clinic. Anthology includes stories by: Terry Beyer, Foster Bridget Cassidy, David B. Coe, Blue Cole, Gerald L. Coleman, Milton J Davis, Jason Denzel, P. Andrew Floyd, Charles E Gannon, John G. Hartness, Alexandra Hill, Robert A. Hilliard, Jr, Faith Hunter, David Alan Jones, Tim Lewis, Seanan McGuire, Jana Oliver, Brandon Sanderson, Morgan Smith, and Sarah J. Sover.   Cover art by Dan dos Santos.   Edited by Richard Fife

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Three Minutes with God

Complete - Published on Wattpad

A journalists gets a rare opportunity for an interview with God to ask some eternal questions, obtain some thoughtful introspection, and a wee bit of snark.

(Trigger caution: This was written in 2020 following the civil protests across the Untied States and subsequent murder of George Floyd. Much is meant to be sardonic aphorism and recognize this may be difficult for some.)

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The Maze at the Edge of Midnight

Complete - Published on Wattpad

The story that started it all. Written October 16th 1986 for Mrs. Luke’s 4th period 8th Grade English class. We were given the assignment to create a tale using several Halloween themed words, such as cauldron, apple, gargoyle, and so on. By Mrs. Luke’s urging, I entered the tale as #114 for the annual spooky story Halloween contest at Fegley Middle School in Portage, IN. On Friday October 31st, the principal shared on the school intercom to announce the winner, and I was elated to learn I won first place. This was much to my friend Adrian’s chagrin, who said I plagiarized the story. (And while I will admit I now recognize unintended literary influences, the story is original because it was based on a recurring nightmare I had as a child.) I went down to the main office and my prize was a pumpkin bucket filled with Halloween candy. So I give you my first “published” story, that was handwritten in less than spectacular cursive, and replicated here nearly verbatim, with just a few, dozen, grammatical corrections, and a few returns so it is no longer a monstrous 880 word single paragraph; because even that would be too scary for a spooky story.

Future Works

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Complete - Looking for a home

Travel to Proxima b has become as common as a trip to Europa. Each year a few FTL merchant cargo vessels make the journey to bring supplies to terraformers, and ship back the ore from the processing plants. This was the fifth run for the crew of Osprey, completing one parsec in only twelve weeks, the crew only had one light year to go, give or a take a billion miles. Everything is common for Cargonauts, until it isn’t, and you become marooned in the darkness of space.

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In Work

Marin is a 9th generation Park Ranger with his family footprints in the dirt going back to Yosemite’s inception in 1890. But the family prints go back further as he is one of very few people left carrying some of the Ahwahnechee blood, the original native residents of The Valley. His role was simple in the summer; patrol the lands for the hints of fires. Control the natural ones, and isolate the accidental. But the worst were the intentional, and one particular pyromaniac simply called Fuego; but no one other than Marin believed this person existed; partly because the fires looked natural, but mostly because the source of the fires were powers imbued into Fuego by the spirit of Kosso.
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The Accidental Assassin

In Work

Dexter Fatious scouts, plans, prepares, and executes, literally, but each time by chance, his careful plan has a minor fluke of unintended success. He is working to change his fate to re-earn his respect among the guild, and not by accident. Filled with action, thrills, intrigue, humor, and whole scoop of sarcasm. The story has its roots from watching too many Ryan Reynolds movies; as if that's a thing.

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In Work

Jardin Collum returns as Switch. Riding the wave of her popularity is short lived when she becomes a suspect for a robbery. Working to clear her name with the police, the more difficult effort is trying to stay alive from those who framed her.

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In Work

The third in Switch series. Jardin Collum, known as Switch by those close, hits a midlife crisis unlike anything expected — parenthood. Battling responsibility with duty becomes a full time job trying to balance life and death, literally.

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The Edge of Midnight

In Work

Following my 'success' in eigth grade with The Maze at the Edge of Midnight, I decided to revisit the story and write a more in depth version when I was a junior in high school. The story provides a little more history to our character's experiences to include some jumps back to ancient egypt. My intent is to do a little cleanup and throw it up on Wattpad, but there is a chance this could turn into a full fledged novella, or more.

For unpublished book covers, notional designes are derived using images from Creative Commons license. Refrences in source code, or contact me.

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About the Author   

Tim Lewis manages rocket programs by day, and collects hobbies by night. Writing has been the longest running hobby, going back to middle school and first place in a Halloween story contest. He took creative writing at Purdue, but his public works have all been scholastic and technical. In the years following, there has been an accumulation of short stories and scenes brewing that few have seen beyond his laptop. Tim leans toward Sci Fi, Urban Fantasy and Noir, where each contain an element of humor from a life spent as a smart ass. He published his first fiction work, Switch, in 2019 and continues to write and submit as he aspires to his favorite quote by Benjamin Franklin, “If you wou’d not be forgotten / As soon as you are dead and rotten, / Either write things worth reading, / or do things worth the writing.”