Lisbon Tram Routes: Tram 28 – This is the most popular tram route in Lisbon. Trajectoire de l'itinéraire sur la carte . Folds nicely and is laminated. Number 18 tram route map, Lisbon, Portugal. The first tram of the day is at 6am and most services continue until 11pm. This is the best way for you to travel from central Lisbon to Belem. Number 25 tram route map, Lisbon, Portugal. Image supplied by Danita Delimont. Tramway 15E. Sur sa route, le tram passera non loin du Château Saint Georges, traversera l'Alfama, saluera la Cathédrale, prendra de la vitesse dans une rue de Baixa avant de monter sur les hauteurs du Chiado puis gagnera Estrela et sa Basilique un instant après avoir salué l'Assemblée Nationale. The no. 5. If you drive continuously, the road will take 40-50 minutes. Download, print and take it with you to your trip Download, print and take it with you to your trip The actual dimensions of the Lisbon map are 744 X 880 pixels, file size (in bytes) - 28659. The history of trams in Lisbon begins in 1900, linked to the electricity power supply. It is a vintage yellow tram that crosses the city centre, passing by many of Lisbon’s main attractions. You’ll see on the map below that the route can be divided into two sections either side of the central Baixa district. Beenthere. 28 that runs from Martim Moniz to Campo de Ourique. Before it reaches its final destination, it makes stops in Belém, the last neighborhood in Lisbon before the seaside suburbs.It’s the city’s second-most popular tram after the famous 28, as Belém has many of the top tourist attractions. Write a reviewLeave a review about this route Add to favorites Sur la carte. R iding tram 28 has become one of Lisbon's most popular activities. Jump to navigation Jump to search See also categories: Carris routes and Tram maps of Lisbon. If you take tram 28 from downtown Lisbon all the way up to Estrela, you can visit the church and then have lunch at the nice, simple restaurant you find in the garden. It’s more expensive (around €20), but it’s going to be a lot more comfortable. Praça Martim Moniz is a well-known starting point and as such you can expect queues to board the tram. Warning: Highly skilled pickpockets operate along this route, always be careful with valuables. The system has a length of 31km, and 63 trams in operation (45 historic "Remodelados", 8 historic "Ligeiros" and 10 modern articulated trams). I went out, looked, and sat down on the next one. T ram 15 connects the center of Lisbon to Algés, a suburb to the west. Enjoy! Planificateur de voyage → Liste des itinéraires → Itinéraire de tram 25E sur la carte de Lisbonne. No reviews. Tram 28 is by far the most popular tram route in Lisbon. Currently, there are six regular tram routes to choose from, including the classic and much-photographed 28E, that covers most of Lisbon’s historic centre, and the more modern and air-conditioned 15E that connects Praça da Figueira to Belém. So a single ride on it has all the benefits of a sightseeing bus tour, and it is much cheaper. In fact all public tranist routes (metro, tram, ferry, elevators) are shown. Tram 25 – Get off at “Estrela”, visit the “Basílica da Estrela” and the garden with the same name. Table of Contents. Tram 28 is probably the most famous tour in Lisbon. Mouraria quarter-Alfama-St. George's Castle-Se Cathedral-Baixa Quarter - Commerce Square-Santa Justa Elevator-Chiado Quarter-Estrela Basilica. Il y a 1 chambres à coucher et 1 salles de bain dans cet appartement. Tram 28, Lisbonne : consultez 76 avis sur Tram 28, noté 4 sur 5 sur Tripadvisor et classé #1 616 sur 5 220 restaurants à Lisbonne. A Lisbonne, le tramway 28 est en soi une visite à faire mais est aussi un excellent moyen de parcourir la ville et de la découvrir. The Lisbon tram routes are given a number with a preceding E which stands for “eléctrico”. It’s a journey back in time, over hills and medieval streets, in vintage trams from the 1930s that are still part of the city's public transportation network. It is a good way to explore the capital city as it passes through some of the most typical neighbourhoods in Lisbon and several significant landmarks. Route 15 is one of the five historic tram lines, which have been operating in Lisbon since 1873. If you want to experience a traditional wooden Lisbon tram, take another tram route instead (tram routes 12, 15e, 18, 24, and 25 all use the iconic Lisbon trams). It also shows major sites and scenic views>> Is there a similar map available at a … Around The Worlds Algarve Lisbon Tram. There are six tram routes (#12, #15, #18, #24, #25 & #28) in Lisbon running along 48 km of track. One thing to do in Lisbon alongside the tram 28 route is to visit the Estrela basilica. The 28th route is laid out in the most tourist places of Lisbon. Category:Lisbon tram routes. These charming vehicles go past some major attractions, and guidebooks never fail to recommend the experience. Let me now give you some practicalities. Riding on the Lisbon tram 28 is indeed a memorable experience if you’re keen on that specific route. The number 15 tram route connects central Lisbon (Baixa district) to the Belem district, and passes the Lxfactory and the Santo Amaro Docks. Alternatively, consider taking the hills tram tour. Tram 12E, for example, starts and ends in Martim Moniz, passing by parts of Alfama. I have a Streetwise map for Lisbon and the routes are shown. Lisbon's trams (eléctrico) are operated by Carris along with the city's buses and elevadors. In 1901, Carris inaugurated the first tram route connecting Cais do Sodré to Algés and, by the 1930s, the electric trams’ lines ran for 147km. Tickets; Route; Best Stops; Travel tips and recommendations; Tickets. Tram 12 – This one does a similar route to the 28, but stops in Alfama, near the Santa Luzia viewpoint. You can also hop on and off easily, and the ticket is valid for 24 hours. Visit Portugal Spain And Portugal Portugal Travel Places Around The World The Places Youll Go. Subcategories. Very easy to use. Lisbonne. This means that you could either walk the entire length or you could choose to walk the tram 28 route in two parts. But at Devour Lisbon we’d like to challenge you to explore more, get to know that Lisbon off the beaten path. 9 helpful votes. Folds nicely and is laminated. 1,101 posts. He seemed fairly savvy so it could have easily been one of us. Tram 28 passing by Praça Luís de Camões in Chiado. <
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