148], Watsuki stated that most of the overall concept for Hōji originates from a character in X-Men, whose name sounds similar to Hōji's; the X-Men character gave him a "hint" for the story but not Hōji's personality. NAME:Himura Kenshin. is a sweet, yet occasionally short-tempered woman. 191], Following having a "giant" in the Juppongatana (Fuji), Iwanbō was created as a "full body costume." The creator made Hyottoko fat since he wanted the Oniwabanshū to represent several shapes and sizes and because the character would have a bag of oil in his stomach. 147], The idea for a giant originated from the God-Soldier in the Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, after Watsuki saw the film. Fuji's actual face originates from Dogura Magura in Arabian Lamp-Lamp by Takeshi Obata; Watsuki wanted to work with the concept of a "monstrous character who's still somehow good looking," which Watsuki says Dogura Magura is "the epitome of." 178] A gravestone for Tomoe was erected in a Kyoto temple, where Kenshin also left her diaries.[ch. In retrospect, the author said that the plot pulled Eiji around and therefore could not develop as a character. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Rurouni Kenshin, Vol. 159] Inui is skilled in Jutsushiki Muteki-ryū (術式無敵流), which is an amalgamation of various styles of martial arts. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so … [22], Voiced by: Hiroshi Takahashi (Japanese); David Mallow (English), Sadojima Hōji (佐渡島 方治), also known as "All-knowing" (百識, Hyakushiki),[ch. He wondered if it would "even be interesting" for Kenshin to fight a giant, but could not let it go and so decided to have Fuji fight Hiko instead. Considered a freak by everyone around him, one day he was attacked and almost killed but Saizuchi found him and took him in.[ch. Well, a wandering … 214] After receiving control, Heishin tries to have the Sū-shin take Enishi's revenge by killing Kenshin.[ch. The author said he did not realize that because cool beauties do not show emotion, once she revealed her true feelings in the end, she become a completely different character. Watsuki used ideas from assistants to create many of the Juppongatana and Kamatari was one he seized immediately, but when coming up with the specifics, the concept "just wasn't coming together." Saito is a character from the anime series and manga Rurouni Kenshin. is a student of Kaoru. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! He created him after his editor told Watsuki that he needed to put more depth into the black market weapons organization. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S Sagara Sanosuke T U V W X Y Z. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Watsuki said he not only regretted what he made her into, but was also "disgusted with himself." for Gohei. 148] She serves as Kenshin, Saitō and Sanosuke's guide through Shishio's maze-like hideout, taking them from each duel so as to avoid traps.[ch. He goes by the name of Fujita Gorō (藤田 五郎) and works as a Meiji police officer. 198, 199] Kenshin stops Saitō from killing him and offers to let Yatsume fight him if he still wants to after healing, but suggests that he go up north and use his abilities to help his clan.[ch. Watsuki stated that, unlike the faces of Kenshin and other characters, the faces of Kihei and Gohei are of basic shapes and therefore the two were easy to draw as a result. [21], Voiced by: Norito Yashima (Japanese); Lex Lang (English), Iwanbō (夷腕坊), also known as "Ogre" (丸鬼, Maru Oni),[ch. The younger brother of Yukishiro Tomoe, Enishi seeks revenge against Kenshin for killing his sister fifteen years earlier. [15], Akamatsu Arundo (赤末 有人) is a mercenary of Shibumi, a corrupt politician. 74] Okina was expected to become the next leader of the Oniwabanshū but refused the position, saying that it was the time for the younger generation, and recommended Aoshi.[ch. Watsuki had no particular personality model for Yumi, but the character is essentially a version of Ogin, a character played by actress Kaoru Yumi in Mitokōmon Gaiden: Kagerō Ninpō-Chō, a spinoff series of Mitokōmon. 4. 154] Kujiranami requested that Kenshin kill him since he did not want to live to see an era where wars are fought with guns instead of swords, absent of skill and soul. "The Secret Life of Characters (16) Isurugi Raijūta,", Watsuki, Nobuhiro. [50] Watsuki said that Han'nya is not a character one would describe as "evil. [5][6], Voiced by: Junko Iwao (Japanese); Rebecca Davis (English), Yukishiro Tomoe (雪代 巴) was the wife of Himura Kenshin and biological sister of Yukishiro Enishi.[ch. 84] His imposing looks, unrivaled fighting prowess and inflated ego are trademarks of his character. 154] However, Gein does not actually seek revenge against Kenshin.[ch. According to Watsuki the fire breathing and Kenshin's sword spinning method to defeat Hyottoko's fire-breathing received criticism from fans, authors of dōjinshi fanzines, and personal friends. Commenting on her death, the author said he saw happiness for Yumi as following Shishio everywhere and figured "everywhere" would include hell. Test how well you know the canon manga story. The thing that I liked about this manga was that there are several people and events in here (such as Saito Hajime, Katsura Kogoro, etc.) Inui attacks Maekawa dojo as part of the Jinchū campaign while Otowa Hyōko simultanesouly attacks Chief Uramura's house.[ch. Gein's obsession with functional and physical beauty comes from the author's own. Watsuki said that he created the father and mother "on the spot." 28] Hyottoko dies while charging for Kanryū as an unsuccessful decoy for Beshimi.[ch. Uki (右喜) is his younger sister, and Ōta (央太) is his younger brother.[ch. 148] She became reviled at the Japanese government's refusal to compensate the newly emancipated prostitutes due to it regarding them as equivalent to livestock.[ch. "[58] Sagara came in sixth place in the series' first character popularity poll and eleventh in both the second and third. The story begins in 1878 and follows a pacifist wanderer named Himura Kenshin, who was previously an assassin known as "Hitokiri Battōsai" working for the Ishin Shishi during the Bakumatsu period. Kujiranami Hyōgo (鯨波 兵庫), the "Weapon Body" (武身合体),[ch. This reticence left Kiyosato unaware of her thoughts, and—thinking that he needed to please her with greater accomplishments—made him join the Kyoto Mimawarigumi.[ch. He perfectly mimics Aoshi's dual sword attacks and is even faster than him, but Aoshi defeats him using martial arts.[ch. [48] He did purposely want a variety of shapes and temperaments for the various Oniwabanshū characters. WEAPON:Sakaba sword. He gave Yutarō the traits of admiring Kaoru, an older woman, and Kenshin's strength but made him unable to "be honest" about it because they were Raijūta's enemies, as aspects of his youth. 19] She became the assistant to a Tokyo physician who had created a deadly new form of opium, and when the doctor was killed she was forced to make the new opium for corrupt industrialist Takeda Kanryū for the past three years.[ch. Mark The Unstoppable Force. During a scuffle one of Raijūta's men accidentally hits Yutarō, causing him to fall into the ocean. Appearing to aid story development, Arundo does not have much personality aside from arrogance (Watsuki's favorite personality trait for villains). 160] The third is a jar of iron powder, Bishamon's Powder (毘沙門粉), used in conjunction with his magnetic Bishamon's Sword (毘沙門剣).[ch. 76] He used to be an official in the Meiji government but lost faith in it when he saw no one in the government worthy of leading the country.[ch. (no, there's no third choice) Male. He speaks with an Osaka-ben accent.[ch. ~Only add RP projects and Rurouni Kenshin projects. 127] Pardoned for his crimes, Saizuchi uses his gifts of persuasion for the Foreign Ministry in secret negotiations.[ch. Jin-e came in tenth place in the series' first character popularity poll, and tied with Arai Iori for eighteenth in the second. 340] Byakko (白虎) fights using his fists and spiked knuckle blades and prides himself on simply attacking. Gein originated from serial killer Ed Gein, who made lampshades and chairs out of corpses, combined with the puppet master required by the story. 79] He possesses quite a collection of rare and unusual swords, including; a double-bladed sword known as Renbatō (連刃刀, "Repeater") and his favorite, a thin long flexible sword he keeps hidden wrapped around his waist named Hakujin (薄刃乃, "The Thin One").[ch. The author said that he is not "twisted enough" to place "negative elements in the ideal family." RELATED: 10 Things That Did Not Age Well In Rurouni Kenshin. Sawagejō Chō (沢下条 張), also known as "Sword Hunter" (刀狩, Katanaga), is a swordsman and member of the Juppongatana.[ch. Admitting that he has always had trouble drawing women, Watsuki stated that drawing Yumi taught him that he could have fun while drawing female characters not just by making them appear "cute," but also by making them "seductive, or even evil." 76] But he strongly believes in Shishio's strength, even throwing away a gun he had hidden after Shishio and Kenshin's fight surpasses Shishio's fifteen-minute timelimit.[ch. Watsuki was planning to have Seikū's family reappear later in the Kyoto arc with Yahiko as the lead character in the story. He described this as the "Senkaku Effect," where the characters with the "best noggins" are not used to their "full potential. [12] In the first live-action film, Gein appears as one of Kanryū's men and is portrayed by Gō Ayano. 72] Although Anji is a master of the technique, his later fight with Sanosuke ends when Sanosuke creates the "Mastery of Three Layers" and Anji drops to his knees when Sanosuke points out that the orphans' souls do not care about his mission to save the world, they only want him to be happy.[ch. Well, a wandering … 170] When Enishi arrives to tell his sister that the Yaminobu operation to kill Kenshin is nigh, she sends him away, and subsequently reveals her past to Kenshin (but not about the current conspiracy).[ch. 123] His special techniques are Midare Benten (乱弁天), where the scythe is whipped over his head and the chain forms a sphere, therefore creating both an offensive and defensive attack.[ch. In retrospect he believes that the character resembles President of the United States Abraham Lincoln, another historical figure that Watsuki has respect for. The Hiruma Brothers (比留間 兄弟, Hiruma Kyōdai) are crooks who scheme to take ownership of Kaoru's dojo. 29] She has a wicked sense of humor and enjoys flirting with Kenshin to make Kaoru jealous (both Kaoru and Sanosuke refer to her as a "vixen" and in the manga vixen ears appear whenever she indulges in her sense of humor), but helps Kaoru come to terms with her feelings towards Kenshin.