Rather than a single large staircase piece or being built studs-up from bricks, angled corner pieces are stacked, then placed on their side and attached to the wall. The 2923-piece 10278 Police Station, the 16th in the modular building series, will be released on January 1st. They are some of the most sought sets in the Creator Expert series, aimed at older builders. Also, that’s no bow tie but the collar tabs. The feature-packed floors of the LEGO Police Station are filled with … Whether you’re building alone or with family, this is a challenge to focus the mind and an eye-catching display piece to enjoy alongside other LEGO Modular Buildings. It’s priced at $199.99, comes with 2,921 pieces, and will be available for purchase on January 1, 2021. The middle floor begins with plates in two colors to reflect different floor colors for the two parts of the building. Believe it or not, the Modular Buildings Collection is almost old enough to get married, buy a lottery ticket and join the army (at least in the UK). 10278 is a worthy addition to the Modular Buildings Collection, with excellent architectural design and fun interior details. Like @winstonheard said above, I appreciate that this does not conform to the typical police-as-tactical-action-hero play scenarios that most Lego police sets have. Many unusual building techniques were incorporated… Many monkey kid and ninjago sets could have been quickly rebranded and tweaked into other lines. LEGO Modular Buildings Collection 10278 Police Station includes 2,923 pieces with five minifigures, and will be available starting January 1st, 2021 from the LEGO Shop ($199.99 US | $269.99 CAD | UK pricing TBD). Stairways in LEGO modular buildings have never been particularly interesting, until now. Take note of the escape tunnel (including a digging spoon!) It includes a brief intro featuring LEGO Designer Chris McVeigh, followed quickly by the instructions themselves. The police themed sets could have been changed into something else too — this building could have been apartments, a veterinarian, a small professional building, or such. 10278 Police Station is designed to connect to other modular buildings, of course, so I've taken a few photos of it next to last year's 10270 Bookshop and 2019's 10264 Corner Garage so you can see what they look like together. Maybe the next release will really do it for me! When this set was first announced, I wondered why there was no news vendor, and assumed that the donut shop lady lived above the shop. With such easy replacements for those who prefer not to increase police presence in our idealized LEGO worlds, the fun build, interesting details, printed parts, new parts, rare colors, and beautiful architecture all lead to a strong recommendation from us. -an LDD file of the modular for your own custom modifications. The chief inspector’s torso features rank insignia, and she wears a tie rather than the double-breasted tunic. Inside, a small counter features a cash register, and behind that are the racks of baked delights for us to agonize over. A building project for you The LEGO Police Station is part of the imaginative Modular Buildings Collection. Two of my favorite details are on the right side — the small, self-contained news stand and the large billboard on the side of the building. I would have liked to see a review of the White House set, but I understand why the decision was made. With no sticker sheet, even for large designs, there are quite a few brand new printed pieces. Some LEGO® sets contain small parts that are NOT suitable for and may pose a hazard to children under 3 years of age. Measure website performance and ensure correct website behaviors for visitors, including retention of user settings and preferences. The feature-packed floors of the LEGO Police Station are filled with secret surprises and delights for true-crime fans. Totaling 2,923 pieces, the LEGO Police Station is the latest addition to the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection which also includes the Bookshop, Assembly Square and Corner Garage. The LEGO Police Station is fully compatible with other products from the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection and makes a striking display piece alongside these, as well as on its own. I dislike the approach of “IT’S A TOY, DON’T GET POLITICAL” as this is little more than an attempt to stifle discussion. Only one thing sticks out in my mind: the donut vendor’s torso isn’t new – as far as I can see it’s the same used by a hawker in the Fairground People Pack, and twice in the small accessory pack on the same theme. On building the set, it soon becomes apparent that a mystery donut thief is on the loose. Although the packaging is consistent with recent adult-focused sets like 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina and 10276 Colosseum, LEGO is apparently introducing new branding after all, with “Modular Buildings Collection” appearing above the name of the set. With Bricksafe, you can upload your LEGO related files or explore and download files shared by others. It's been designed by newcomer to the Creator Expert team Chris McVeigh, … The dark blue torsos for the officers are reminiscent of the double-breasted jackets worn by many police departments through World War II, after which they were steadily replaced by military-style shirts and ties, and more recently by full tactical gear. All of that seems like a lot of words and pictures to discuss a single 2×2 printed tile, but it’s very rare indeed that there’s a discrepancy like this between the official photos, part inventory in the instruction booklet, and the actual set. On BrickLink, I can see bricks with the text “Police” dating back to at least 1972. Meanwhile, the police have set up a full-on murder board to investigate. You’ll start by laying down pavement and ground floor tiles, before building up … We’re told in the instruction booklet that this confectionary crime caper is designed to sell papers. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for LEGO 10278 Modular Building Collection Police Station 2923pcs at the best online prices at … - Ground Floor featuring payphones, a large desk, waiting area, and holding cell. With this year’s 10278 Police Station, LEGO continues a classic look that would not feel out of place on the streets of New York or London. Thanks for the thoughtful review. The LEGO Police Station is fully compatible with other products from the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection and makes a striking display piece alongside these, as well as on its own. LEGO set database: Adding the Police Station to your modular street. LEGO has announced its 16th Modular building in the highly popular lineup first introduced in 2007. The building is on two 32x32 baseplates (about twice a wide as most modular buildings). Removing the cell door pulls up the attached floor, further revealing what appears to be the beginnings of an escape tunnel. Raising the bed reveals a hole in the floor. We’ll just have to wait and see if it is the case. And what appear to be two buildings actually have one interior. Thank you for bringing up the place of Lego in regards to the real world. LEGO always features its latest modular alongside the ones from just the last two to three years, so here’s the Police Station alongside 10251 Brick Bank (2016) and 10260 Downtown Diner … The … Totally agree with the words of your conclusion. I go to target or walmart and I see the shelves emptied of everything but police, ninjago (Japanese, but most parents are not differentiating apparently), and monkey kid themed sets. The Brothers Brick Privacy Policy provides details on the types of personal information (or user data) we collect, how we process and store that data, and how you can request removal of your user data. A police station was inevitable, and has been one of the building types that many LEGO fans have requested over the years. Considering the long history of the LEGO Modular Building series, yes, of course it makes sense to add a Police Station. Adding further architectural interest, the outside is decorated with brightly coloured awnings and ornate cornicing. The Brothers Brick is funded by our readers and the community. Ideal for true-crime fans and LEGO lovers alike, this building kit gives hours of enjoyment and a creative experience that will appeal to adults. Billund, November 27th, 2020: The LEGO Group has announced an amazingly detailed new addition to its Modular Buildings Collection with the unveiling of the LEGO Police Station. It works well as a small urban police station… © Copyright The Brothers Brick, LLC. As always, the build begins on a 32×32 footprint — in this case a full baseplate of that size rather than two 16×32 baseplates. I don’t mind about the controversy, as LEGO had no idea what would happen this year, and they could not change it, so they could either release or cancel. The feature-packed floors of the LEGO Police Station … The #10278 LEGO Creator Police Station is a solid addition to the LEGO Modular Buildings series. The news stand looks exactly like the stands you find in many downtown areas, covered with magazines and newspapers, but where you can also buy a bouquet of flowers on your way home. What I see (having younger boys) is that Ninjago is by far the most popular series still. The anticipated 2021 LEGO Creator Expert Modular set is said to be a police station. The apartment includes a kitchenette in the front window, as well as lovely little record player. A less naive — and politically charged — take on the same LEGO product might argue that it reflects an era when people of color were simply invisible to the dominant, homogenous population for whom police were (and remain) friendly helpers and protectors. The LEGO Modular Building series is the longstanding series of intricate Minifigure-scale models that allow you to re-create a bustling city street. Sirens from Space: Species and Under The Skin ; … And this is where the plot thickens. Check out all the details of the new 2021 LEGO Police Station Modular Building in this review video! The set also introduces a new 1×3 inverted half-arch, which matches the curve of the 1x6x1 arch. Others have pointed out that their copies of the LEGO Ghostbusters 10274 Ecto-1 released just a few weeks ago also includes this new clock piece, though our review set included the older design. It openly appears that the political and social climate are making these sets anathema. Key details include a case board with authentic red lines connecting the clues, reel-to-reel recorder, jail cell, evidence locker and more. LEGO | Police Station | Modular Buildings Collection | 10278 | New | In Hand. 2923 pieces. So whether one agrees or disagrees with their content, saying they are tone deaf or whatever, to me it just seems like a bad business decision because it was apparent long enough ago that lego could see where things were going and change course. Really nicely written review, both from the purely plastic-bricks side of things and the externalities of real life context for the set. Back on the middle floor, the suspect gets his mugshot taken. In this set, it comes in two colors, with 12 grey and seven tan. The donut shop owner wears a bowtie over a striped shirt. Thanks for the great and extensive review, and acknowledging how the theme matters to (some) of us! in the top corner, as it’s difficult to see later on but certainly plays an important role. Given its longevity, I’d hardly call the theme a failure. The exterior is great though (love details such as the ivy, bushes and billboard), except the unsightly grey and white stripes that mark each floor of the main building – surely there’s got to be a large enough variety of tiles and plates in tan to avoid that? The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review.