... Galaxias Sitios Caricaturas Guerra De Las Galaxias Kylo Ren Rey De La Guerra De Las Galaxias Kylo Ren Adam Driver Dibujos De Dibujos Animados Cuento De Hadas. The most ideal way for all of this to go, if we’re being really honest, is for Kylo Ren to throw himself in front of a lightsaber or a blaster bolt for Rey. The lady informed me. "Your empress asked you a question." Rey was straddling his lap. But now… she stands beside him… she stands beside a killer. And what about Ben Solo? ", He shrugged his shoulders, which was surprising, I thought he'd try to deny it. --Ben and I walked side by side at a fairly quick pace, towards the control room where Hux lurked. Rey makes a deal with a demon named Kylo Ren. She meets the devil. #rey I looked around the room trying to find something to focus on, to make this situation less awkward, but I found nothing. "Right, the troops." She is told only she has the power to break Kylo's curse. We'll see more of Kylo Ren and Rey's relationship develop when The Last Jedi flies into theaters on December 15, 2017. Online. Hux's eyes widened. "You heard correctly.". I, I love you too. "Run along then, go do what Rey does on her spare time." Who knows.-----//. "Oh," he looked startled. Adam Douglas Driver is an American actor. #kylo I've also taken some of its plot and transformed it into something that hopefully makes much more sense and it's way more satisfying than the movie itself. Born as Ben Solo to Han Solo and Leia Organa, he grew up in the middle of his parent's clustered lives. With his goodness once again restored, Ben travels to Exogol to help Rey in her fight against Palpatine. We couldn't help but enjoy being in charge of Hux. «What I love about Rey» PART ONE And in my vision, they finish together at the end of Marriage Story rey rey fanart ben solo reylo fanart drawing kylo ren rey x ben reylo au star wars adam driver daisy ridley reylo fandom reylo reylo art reylo fanfic netflix marriage story She remembered the first time she arrived at the Supremacy, launching herself off the Falcon in an escape pod, hoping to turn Kylo Ren back to the Light. I spoke. She knows enough of the Irish faery lore to recognize a faery ring when she sees one. You can see this in how docile Kylo becomes around Rey. I asked curiously. "His tone was sharp, full of hurt and want for revenge. A slight smirk played on his lips. Ben and I were speechless, what were we suppose to say? With the dreaded NEWTs drawing closer, Rey has to find a way to prove to not only herself, but seemingly the wizarding world as a whole, that she can live up to her family's name. I whispered. Last time I spoke to him I gave him some time to think about new plans for his army, I hope he came up with something good. "Ben," I started. Their marriage is stable and tolerable, and Rey is content by all stretches of the imagination. Rey has recently moved to Ireland for a change of scenery. Rey felt like she was so close to Kylo — or Ben, as she called him — that she could turn him to the Light Side. "Not sure sir... they are somewhere on Takodana, and FN-2187 has been seen with them. His threat was open ended in my version. #love They're growing,  and they're coming for Rey. My eyes widened. As Rey and Kylo communicated across the galaxy, they built trust and intimacy. OR:Rey quits a job she hates to try and do some good in the world. ", "Hi, uh, I couldn't help but overhear that you guys want the New Empire to end? Chased by the Resistance, Kylo Ren crash lands on an unknown world and is taken in by a village of humans who know nothing of the war raging across the galaxy. Why would it be easy? Life never was for her growing up, so why should it change now? What is the state of the First Order and the Resistance? Browse through and read kylo ren and rey fanfiction stories and books ... before letting it fall from her hands. Then there are those meddling Force ghosts. 13" x 19" giclee prints on 255gsm Somerset Velvet fine art paper, in a numbered TIMED editions for $50 each or $190 for the set for four prints. "Mum," he spoke. What if Rey had taken Kylo Ren's hand when he offered it the second time, deciding her best chance at defeating Palpatine and saving the galaxy was with him? #jedi Not only that, the money that she put for her half of the rent had been going into Armitage's pocket behind her back. "I used to work under Kylo Ren, I know the guy, and I was best fiends with the empress, so I know her too. Can anyone help. I said immediately and too loudly.I felt bad for saying it like that, with that tone, and turned to face him. Especially new patient, Rey. #tfa #theforce She meets independent New York Senator, Leia Organa, who believes in Universal Basic Income, Medicare and dignity for all. He gridded his teeth, his eyes flickering to Ben, then me. Rey searches for Force sensitive people, while the Resistance fights against the First Order. Et si Rey avait accepté la main tendue de Kylo Ren durant l'épisode 8 ? I shouldn't have told you those memories, I pushed them away for a reason. "Well my friend, looks like you will be of help. It’s standard procedure.”Rey can feel her guts free falling. I'll get him, one way or another, if it's the last thing I-My thoughts were interrupted by a group of people, mumbling about the New Empire. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "Hey, uh excuse me, hey. His voice cracked with emotion when he responded. I pushed my way through the people and looked up at the photo. Kylo Ren is here to stay, and he burns permanent imprints in Rey’s mind.” Kylo/Rey. ", He almost smiled, but stopped it, and quickly looked away. As any drunk people, they decide to make the most of it, without thinking about the consequences. The only problem is no one will tell her how. I felt a smile crawl into not only mine but Bens lips. To make matters worse, she comes from a family of some of the best witches Hogwarts has seen. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. No! It will focus mainly on their story but there will be significant plot arcs that focus on Finn, Poe, Leia, and others. [Sources: Entertainment Weekly; Entertainment Weekly 2] For at least the first trimester, she managed to cover up her gradually expanding baby bump, and her ballooning breasts now laden with a mother's milk, with a loose-fitting blouse and a sweater over top. Ben n'imaginait pas un seul instant ce qui l'attendait et les épreuves qu'il lui faudrait traverser. Ben growled. It really was not that hard. Shippers. And what is his game? Kylo sets out to kidnap her, but when he finds out Luke is dead, he catches himself discussing... #bensolo "Ben," I started. "Oh, your majesties." This time was different. Being dumped by her boyfriend Armitage Hux and evicted by her landlord at four months pregnant was only the beginning for Rey Niima's problems. #cute Kylo and Rey will be unable to hate each other, and will suffer for being separated. tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. ", A devilish grin appeared on his face, the others following his lead. And there’s really no place she’d rather be…. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Reylo, Adam driver, Actrice. A reylo Rosemary's Baby AU written for Halloween. Meanwhile, Finn has a destiny of his own to fulfill chasing visions of his past across the galaxy. Mais il pourrait peut-être changer certains de ses choix et sa destinée... ainsi que celle de Rey ? In the summer of 1965, Rey and Ben Solo, AKA Kylo Ren, are newlyweds who move into The Supremacy, an apartment building with a grisly past. I could feel Bens presence behind me, but decided not to acknowledge it. For the first several months, Rey managed to keep her pregnancy a secret from the rest of the Resistance. "Are they near?". Somebody spoke.I turned my head to find a group of people surrounding yet another New Empire poster. ", His smirk dropped from his lips. Et si ils avaient conclu un accord ? Another voice added. Rey built Resistance Media to help non-profits tell their stories and receive funding. Leia attempts to cement her legacy and ensure the future of the galaxy. "General Hux just dispatched them, sending them back to their families." #lukeskywalker “I hate you, Kylo Ren.” she whispered. Moderate Reylo was how I saw the film playing out. Inside you'll find a cursed being, terrifying to behold yet impossible to resist. I pushed a lot of that out after Snoke...". No matter how many times they’ve met, she’s always so struck by how he seems to burn her very soul. Reylo fans or "shippers" wanted Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) to be together, building on the tense connection forged in Star Wars: The … Why don't you come with us? both of us stared at Hux with surprise, until I managed to speak once again. "His voice was low and eerie, like it was searching my soul. I looked at the ground and pushed out of the crowd, crumpling the paper into a ball.She left us, for him, she left me, for him. ", I nodded, the man placing his arm around my shoulder and guiding me away with the rest of his followers.---------//. The Last Jedi presents two answers to that question. To thwart an evil as ancient as Darth Plagueis, the newly-dubbed Rey Kenobi must reconcile with a most unlikely ally and rescue Kylo Ren from a fate worse than death. I suddenly remembered that he was taken by Snoke from the light. That's easier said than done when a certain dark-haired, dark-eyed boy is haunting your consciousness. Rey's life in the village where she was born is turned upside down with the arrival of Lord Ren, a man known to everyone as the "Hammer of the Witch". #leia Why're you giving me that look? "I agree, there's no way this'll work out, the New Empire must be terminated! Poe buries himself in work as he tries to forget his failures and forge ahead. ... My Reylo doodles 17: A marriage proposal. Please consider turning it on! "Oh." "Yes, I was going to say the same thing....", I gave him a sad smile, and stepped close, giving him a quick hug. "There's news, after the release of those posters, my troops have reported that there's been lots of talk of you two marrying, how about that?". a Reylo & Gingerpilot multichapter redemption fic: First of the New Praemonitor. 'Rey', 'Kylo Ren', 'Leia' and 'Luke' by Alice X Zhang, a officially licensed prints release through Bottleneck Gallery, in collaboration with Lucasfilm & Acme Archives. 4 comments. But can the two of them overcome their differences and mistrust of each other to accomplish that task or will pride win out? Good thing Kylo Ren is a beta, and he just really loves his patients. In an effort to keep the galactic peace, while giving the Resistance time to make their move, this includes the prospect of marriage to her worst enemy, Emperor Kylo Ren … "Yeah, he definitely needs someone like her in his life. Take what you can get. Each is a calming force on the other when in close proximity. I was sitting across from Ben, me on the edge of my bed and him in a chair. There was something pulling her back to Hogwarts and the magic world. Kylo and Rey. "He rubbed his face, taking a deep breath. He added.I smiled, and turned on my heel, keeping on my way.------//, "Where is the group now?" "I don't know, it's just that I can't help but love you. Sequel to Make It Through the Night.). What are their individual struggles and how are they going to deal with them? I kept walking."Marriage...". Now they must kill each other or so we think. Overall, it's really clever how Han's being used as the common factor between Rey and Kylo Ren's animosity. "It's, it's okay...". This can’t be happening, it can not be happening.“Um, no, I… don’t have one.”“Okay then, I don’t know if it’s advisable to start a family in the middle of a war but you are anyway. I reached out for him, but didn't take my hand. "No, I'm not weak, like you think. 'Oh sure we'll just go ahead and get married and start a life right now alright let's go.' Highly recommend. So she continues to lure woman after woman into Ben’s grasp; knowing full well what fresh hell awaits them in his shed. Comment aurait pu évoluer l'histoire ? Ten years ago Rey and Ben fell in love as teenagers only to have their feuding families tear them apart. I read this fanfiction where Rey works for Kylo Ren and he offers to marry her because he finds out from a supervisor that her work visa is going to expire.