would have taken If he (to have) a temperature, he (to see) the doctor. took Exercise 1 Choose the correct forms of will and be going to to complete the sentences below. 2. Unless: Unless means 'except if'. would have listened\ If she (to earn) a lot of money, she (to fly) to New York. hadn't missed If my friends (to come), I (to be) very happy. loved to me and left home early, we A - An 1. 4. There are eight sets of online exercises for ESL kids to learn and practise English grammar rules in a fun way. We can use this for what we think of as future facts: Print exercises and lessons: Hint: For exercises, you can reveal the answers first ("Submit Worksheet") and print the page to have the exercise and the answers. left mp3 listening materials. Will Future When do we use the will future? If you invite me for lunch, I will help you with your presentation. wouldn't have forgotten would have married had taken 1. hadn't left wouldn't have been Imperative 1. would have left Test your understanding of if-clauses with this grammar exercise. (* stressed) had been Each set comes with a variety of easy to play grammar games and activities. some from the shop then. Possessive Adjectives 1. hadn't snowed Possessive Adjectives 3. They are grouped into grammar categories: nouns and verbs. It ---- rain, so let's not go anywhere but stay indoors. 5. had married all night long yesterday, we couldn't break weren't In third conditional sentences, we use a past perfect tense in the if-clause and would have + past participle in the main clause. If you want to learn English grammar or grow your vocabulary then these resources will help you with your studies. Actually he can be considered to be mature. Conditional sentences are sometimes confusing for learners of English as a second language. the university three years ago, he Imperative 2. Sitemap    |    Contact    |    Privacy    |    What's New    |     Copyright © GrammarBank.com 2011-2021 All Rights Reserved. some. These are great for ESL/EFL students as well as young native speakers; 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade. If Conditionals Exercise 3. you, he had left looks looks as though. We Lucas You need either the present simple or the will-future. had loved to someone whose bicycle has been stolen) If you will * leave your bicycle without locking it up, then you must expect it to be stolen. your heart yesterday. GRAMMAR EXERCISES. so angry now if you English grammar practice exercise, intermediate. > Other English exercises on the same topic: Conditional and hypothesis [Change theme] > Similar tests: - Conditional - I wish, if only - Conditional clauses - Hypothetical sentences: tenses - Third conditional - Conditional Sentences - If or whether - Future and Conditional > Double-click … were A - An - Some 6. If you want to learn English grammar or grow your vocabulary then these resources will help you with your studies. played had been Site Search. happier now if you I took some money from your purse. Online Exercises; Grammar; If - Clauses; If Clauses . You are here: >> Home >> English Grammar Exercises >> Will vs Going To Exercise Print exercises and lessons: Hint: For exercises, you can reveal the answers first ("Submit Worksheet") and print the page to have the exercise and the answers. Fill In Exercises: 1. hadn't forgotten Grammar & Vocab. Includes helpful articles, a glossary, quizzes, and a … If you Choose your answers from the given options. your office early, you Ben ---- very smart for his age. will and would in if clauses 1. will in if-clauses Using will to express disapproval of a habit: (e.g. had listened Welcome to our English grammar training section, a good place to practice and improve your knowledge of English grammar. If I If or whether: Grammar exercise October 29, 2013 - Complete the following sentences using if or whether. 4. 10. Start practicing English right now! In second conditional sentences, we use a simple past tense in the if-clause and would + infinitive in the main clause. Hundreds of free English grammar exercises/worksheets for teachers and students: Practice online and check your results or print the exercises with answers to use in your classes. would have been Full teacher notes - zero preparation time. GrammarBank Exercises eBook: $7.99 - Children's eBooks: $6.99 - Download and Print Instantly. 1 A: We don’t have any bread. your homework at home. stuck in traffic now. 1. didn't miss wouldn't be at the beginning or at the end of the conditional sentence). A - An - Some 4. hadn't been A - An - Some 1. A - An - Some 2. Choose the correct word or phrase. 2063 Conditional sentences I – III – Exercise 2 (1 gap) 2069 Conditional sentences I – III, special forms – Exercise (1 gap) Conditional sentences – Various Exercises. wouldn't have broken would have been We're playing tennis tomorrow unless it rains. 3. Much or Many 1. If it Examples: If you send your order by fax, we will deliver the goods immediately. How Much / How Many 1. If you Learn English with our Free Online Grammar Exercises, Reference. Englisch-hilfen.de – Learning English Online, Conditional sentences, if-clauses type I, II, III – Summary, Real and unreal conditionals, Modals and position of if-clauses, condition not possible to fulfill (too late). In this exercise you will practise unless and if. wouldn't be 6. Jill's eyes are red. a doctor now. Grammar Exercises. Complete each sentence with unless or if. the flight yesterday. 2. I . wouldn't be Imperative 3. had been hadn't been would be Use these exercises to help you learn how to Identify the Conditional Sentence Type in English. wouldn't have missed married I . would have been Exercises; Explanation; Exercises: 1 2 3. Similar Exercises: Like vs As Grammar. Includes helpful articles, a glossary, quizzes, and a … lost in the forest now if you taller, I Menu. BEGINNER. would be If Peter would be didn't forget a map with you before we left home. was A - An 2. B: I know. 8. Possessive Adjectives 2 . Print This Page . questions go here score goes here. 2 A: We don’t have any bread. Are you also an English teacher? * We can substitute could or might for would (should, may or must are sometimes possible, too). Fill the gaps with the verbs indicated in brackets in the right tense to form a correct if-clause type 1 (first conditional sentence). Grammar » A2 Grammar lessons and exercises » will vs be going to – future. had played had been A - An - Some 3. late for our appointment now. The quizzes come in three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 3. Have got / Has got Questions 1. Free English online grammar exercises adjectives and prepositions. hadn't been would have been There are three types of conditional sentences. Where is the if-clause (e.g. In some cases they are both possible. with us now. A - An - Some 5. wouldn't have been If Clause Type I. if + Simple Present, will-Future. 2021 Find the correct conditions – Exercise 1; 2057 Find the correct conditions – Exercise 2; 2043 Match the if-clauses to the main clauses – Exercise Conditional sentences, if-clauses type I, II, III - Explanation, Examples and Exercises If / Unless / When Exercise 4. Grammar & Vocab. Here you can find exercises relating to English grammar. If vs Unless Exercise 2 5. looks as if looks like. Second Conditional Exercise 1 / 2 12-13. Practice and learn English here. Exercise instructions. going to-future, Present Continuous, Future Continuous and Present Simple. Do you think you 9. The teacher Use of the will future 1. future actions outside the speaker’s control. could have played in Los Angeles now if he Adjectives and adverbs. The topics covered include verb tenses, phrasal verbs, articles, prepositions, noun clauses, and much more. in NBA when I was young. Have got / Has got 1. wouldn't snow High quality PDF lesson plans. 7. would be First Conditional Exercise 1 / 2 10-11. hadn't broken Zero Conditional Exercise 1 / 2 8-9. didn't leave listened We use unless to say that there may be an exception and that this exception will change the situation. Do not use any short forms for the gaps in this exercise. wouldn't be There are five levels: Beginner; Elementary; Pre-Intermediate; Intermediate; Advanced; Remember to use our Grammar Guide to help you understand English grammar better. Grammar Exercises Here are all the English grammar exercises on the site so far. A - An 3. would be Type I indicates what will happen, provided that a certain situation is given. If Clauses Exercises 2. Englisch-hilfen.de/ English Grammar Exercises. wouldn't have left She ---- she has cried. English Grammar – If Clauses (Conditional Sentences) Exercise on If Clauses. would love If the sun (to shine), we (to walk) into town. The will-future is one future tense.There are other future tenses, e.g. If Clause Type II. Which type of conditional sentences is it? Exercise on Future I Simple (will) Put the verbs into the correct form (future I simple). didn't snow wouldn't have been 1. Levels of Difficulty: Elementary Intermediate Advanced . looks like looks to. someone else. If Jason weren't Conditionals Tenses Exercise 6-7. B: Really? If clauses exercise May 23, 2016 - Complete the following sentences using an appropriate verb form.