Noncurrent office records are added to the historical archives at designated times. Typically, collections are not broken up by format but are kept together in order to provide the researcher with context. January-March 2008 . During the lifetime of Colonel Henry Algernon du Pont (1838–1926), substantial additions were made in the realms of genealogy, horticulture, and materials dealing with the history of the War between the States. Located near Wilmington, Delaware, Winterthur evolved from a comparatively modest family dwelling constructed in 1839 on an estate of 450 acres into a large mansion on an expanse of some 2,400 acres. This volume outlined the contents of an important Shaker library given to Winterthur by members of the Andrews family in memory of Edward Deming Andrews, America’s pioneering scholar of the Shaker religious sect. The Winterthur Library: Decorative Arts Photographic Collection. This approach to research—remarkable during the early twentieth century but commonplace today—prompted Winterthur’s board of trustees, at the urging of WPEAC graduate and longtime Winterthur staff member John Sweeney, to name the collection after Downs. The 1855 probate inventory [See full list.] In 1922 and 1923 he traveled and studied in Europe. Telephone: 302-888-4600 or 800-448-3883 OVERVIEW OF THE COLLECTION Tag Archives: Joseph Downs Collection. As the compiler of this volume, I must acknowledge the fine assistance of colleagues in the Downs Collection. Born in Shutesbury, Massachusetts, in 1895, Downs graduated from the Boston Museum School in 1921 and then worked as an assistant at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Advertising pamphlets like this one would have interested wine merchants, private wine consumers, and tourists who might enjoy visiting the vintner. Recognizing the interdependence of its three important components, the institution is now known as Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library. On the menu for the restaurant, special offerings for the day have been written in by hand. Some years later both the book and fiche were updated with a supplement. var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; tagjs.async = true; Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library The letter, which I had identified after spending a glorious day trolling the Downs collection at the Winterthur Library and which had been scanned by a Winterthur librarian, was a hit. In Pennsylvania German schools, students learned fine handwriting by copying examples executed by the schoolmaster, such as the page seen here. A pastel interior of Mackie's room at White Pines is in the Joseph Downs Collection, Winterthur Museum, Byrdcliffe Collection. There, a manuscript record group identified as the Winterthur Manuscripts contains materials dating from 1588 to 1955 pertaining to various members of the family, chiefly ancestors of Henry Francis du Pont. This volume is dedicated to the five former Downs Collection librarians who were so instrumental in developing the collection over a period of nearly thirty-five years: Winterthur is a unique national treasure. ... ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is off to the races at Churchill Downs Racetrack! The Downs Collection of Manuscripts and Printed Ephemera at the Winterthur Library has several collections related to the Canton System. The Archives records the creation and development of Winterthur as a private estate and a public museum. THE JOURNAL OF ELNATHAN ELDREDGE AND COMPANY By Jeanne Solensky A fairly new acquisition in the Downs Collection is a very lengthy journal of a store or company in By 1951 Mr. du Pont had transformed his home into Winterthur Museum. Acquisitions List . The first microfilm records came from the New-York Historical Society, which in 1954 had filmed inventories of estates in New York City and vicinity dated from 1717 to 1844.